Commonly Used Commands in PowerShell

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Commonly used commands in PowerShell.

Common Commands

Unless otherwise noted, these are all valid for PowerShell for Windows 4.0 and above, and PowerShell Core.

Run Get-Alias to see a list of the PowerShell commands that have shortcuts. The Wikipedia page also lists common commands.

Integrated Help System

  • Update-Help - Update the help for installed PowerShell modules
  • Get-Help ITEM - View the help for the ITEM

PowerShell Modules

  • Find-Module NAME - Search the repositories for installable modules
  • Install-Module NAME - Install the specified module from an available repository
  • Uninstall-Module NAME - Delete the specified module from the system
  • Remove-Module NAME - Removes a module from the current session only
  • $PSVersionTable - Display the table of components versions for PowerShell itself

Network Interfaces

  • Get-NetAdapter - List network interfaces (Windows-only)
  • Get-NetAdapter ADAPTER - Show settings for network interface (Windows-only)
  • Set-NetAdapter INTERFACE - Set settings for network interface (Windows-only)

Network Clients

  • Resolve-DnsName NAME - Gets the DNS records for the specified NAME (Windows-only)
  • Invoke-Webrequest URL - HTTP request to URL
  • Invoke-WebRequest URL | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Content | Out-File FILE - Download a file
  • Test-Connection ADDRESS - ICMP ping to the specified address
  • Send-MailMessage - Send an email (requires PowerShell for Windows 5.0 or above)

Use Copy-Item to transfer files over Windows file-sharing or PowerShell Remoting.


  • Get-Process - List the running processes
  • Stop-Process PROCESS_ID - Stop a running process
  • Get-Service - List the registered services (Windows-only)
  • Restart-Service SERVICE-NAME - Restart the service SERVICE-NAME (Windows-only)
  • Start-Service SERVICE-NAME - Start the service SERVICE-NAME (Windows-only)
  • Stop-Service SERVICE-NAME - Stop the service SERVICE-NAME (Windows-only)
  • Get-EventLog LOG-NAME - Fetch the specified log (Windows-only)


  • $env:COMPUTERNAME - Gets the current system DNS hostname (Windows-only)
  • Rename-Computer -NewName NAME - Sets the system DNS hostname (Windows-only)
  • Get-Date - Gets the current system date and time
  • Set-Date DATE - Sets the system date and time
  • Get-WinSystemLocale - Gets the current system locale (Windows-only)
  • Set-WinSystemLocale NAME - Sets the system locale, e.g. en-GB (Windows-only)
  • Restart-Computer - Reboot the system (Windows-only)
  • Stop-Computer - Shutdown the system (Windows-only)
  • $PSVersionTable - Get PowerShell version
  • [System.Environment]::OSVersion.Version - Get operating system version (Windows-only)


  • Get-ChildItem OBJECT - List the child objects of an object
  • Get-Member OBJECT - List the members of an object
  • Select-Object PROPERTY1,PROPERTY2 - Shows the specified properties for a collection of objects
  • Select-String STRING - Finds text in strings and files
  • Where-Object { CODE } - Filters a collection of objects
  • Measure-Object -property - Show aggregate statistics for property
  • Sort-Object PROPERTY1 -descending - Sorts a collection of objects by the given property

Input and Output

  • Get-Content FILE - Output the contents of the file
  • Set-Content FILE TEXT - Write the text to the file
  • Add-Content FILE TEXT - Append the text to the file
  • Copy-Item SOURCE DESTINATION - Copies the specified item (file or directory)
  • Remove-Item ITEM - Delete the specified item (file or directory)
  • Compress-Archive -LiteralPath ITEM -DestPath ARCHIVE - Packs the specified item into a ZIP archive file
  • Expand-Archive ITEM - Unpacks the specified ZIP archive file